Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Journey to get to Our Vacation

Our trip plans originally included leaving on July 3rd to go and see Kim and Nick for the 4th of July. We were planning on spending 3 days with them and then heading home to spend a week with Rachel's family. That didn't exactly happen.
Our trip started with me working until nearly midnight on July 3rd trying to get ready to leave. Then, I ended up working all day the 4th of July until about 11 that night. Saturday morning rolled around, and Rachel and I work a few more hours before we packed up and finally left. We didn't get very far however.
About 3 blocks from home, our car started smoking like crazy. We ended up having it towed and fixed the following morning (Sunday by now). So, once the car was towed we went out to dinner instead of going home, and our waitress didn't even know we had been seated. The service was pretty poor that night.
Once dinner was done, we headed home and walked in the door only to have the dining room light burn out as I turned it on when we walked in. It couldn't have been any worse than that...or so we thought.
We got the call on Sunday morning that our car was ready and so we packed up again and thought we were finally on our way to our vacation. About half way up to get our car, we realized Kelly was missing a shoe and had to turn around to go home and find it. We did and began our journey one last time. We finally got to the shop where our car was and they said it was ready. However, right before I was ready to pay, the mechanic came in and told us there was still a problem.
After about an hour and a test drive, we finally paid and were able to take off for vacation...and that time it was for real.
We loved the week we had with Rachel's family! Kelly loved every minute of being outside every day, playing in the lake and with her cousins, riding and driving the 4-wheeler, and everything else! It was worth every minute of our challenges to leave to take that break. We had a blast!

Our Vacation

The Rocking Chair

Kelly loves the rocking chair in her room. Every night before she lays down, I rock her and sing to her. This one night, I peaked in on her and found that she had moved all her stuffed animals into the rocking chair and then climbed in with them and covered herself up with her blanket. She fell asleep that way.

4th of July

Independence day didn't exactly turn out as planned for us this year. Rachel and Kelly went to watch the parade while I ended up working all day. The other little girl in the pictures with her is Hanna, in our ward. They have a lot of fun together! I ended up replacing 2 water heaters and replacing a ceiling that ended up having a water pipe break inside of it once I finished the water heater in the same apartment. I couldn't believe it! I finished the second water heater just as all the fireworks shows ended. I was able to sit down and have dinner with Rachel and Kelly that evening, though. Rachel barbecued for all of us, and I was able to take a few minutes out to eat with them. I didn't get home until almost 11 that night, though. Some holiday, eh?

Kelly's Muscles

So we've done the "superman" thing with Kelly a handful of times and she decided that it was her turn to hold us up!