Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Kids

This first picture is of Sarah playing at the local mall's kid playground. She really liked climbing up and down on the toy airplane and car they had there. She tried climbing up the slide but couldn't make it in her socks. She was pretty determined, though! She tried and tried and tried!

These next 2 pictures are of Kelly and Parker playing in some big jump houses. We had a big stake activity last month. There were 5 or 6 jump houses, 2 of which had water hooked up to them so they could slide down some of the bigger ones. They had a blast that day! What Parker loved the most was that he had one of the jump houses all to himself for almost 10 minutes!

And this last picture here is Parker taking care of his sister after playing at the mall. He and Sarah were pretty cute together after playing. Parker was really excited to hold her, and she sat pretty quietly while we walked back out to the car for those few minutes! We could have gone for quite a decent walk had we wanted to and Sarah would have just laid there with Parker for a while.

No more Slide shows!

So, apparently, is no longer allowing new slideshows to be made. They are shutting down their site and taking a new direction. SO, I was about to make a new slideshow tonight and found out that I couldn't! Unfortunately you won't get anymore mass pictures from us at one time!

Anyway, here are some pictures of us just having fun recently...I mean, these are mostly pictures of Parker still falling asleep in random places, at random times!