Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Uncle" Kevin

Our most recent surprise visitor was Kevin. He was driving into town on his way to see his brother and dad nearby. Kevin used to live with us (last year from January to June) and was there during most of Rachel's pregnancy. He used to have quite the beard then. But anyway, he stopped in to say hello and to see Kelly. At first she didn't really "take" to him (probably because she hadn't seen him without some kind of facial hair). But Kelly quickly warmed up to him and had a blast playing with him!

Traveling with Kelly

Now, Kelly fits quite well into your luggage. We found that out when Zach packed her up into his bag and she wasn't ready to get out very quickly!
Zach was getting ready to head home for the Christmas break. Little does he know what it's really like to travel with Kelly. This year, we are headed to spend the break with Rachel's family, and boy, oh boy, Kelly sure does require a lot of things to travel! I think this will be one of the last few vacations we travel for for a long time!

Kelly, Breakfast in Bed

Kelly is only slightly spoiled. I mean, she gets breakfast in bed more than anyone else in our house! I guess we need to work on that a little. She is taking too quickly to this kind of treatment!

New Camera, therefore New Pictures

So, we were given a new camera for Christmas and decided to post new pictures that we have taken with it. Hope you enjoy looking at them!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Kelly's First Snow! (this year)

It snowed today for the first time this year, and Kelly LOVED it! I showed her how to eat snow and that's about about all she wanted to do. She also helped me snowplow the apartments for a few minutes. She liked the ride on the 4-wheeler but wanted to steer it and not just ride it. We'll have those pictures up later.