Sunday, January 25, 2009

Parker's Pouty Lip

This lip pops down every time he gets hungry, tired or just wants to cry for no good reason. Man, he sure can pull it down pretty low!

Pics of our Recent Activities

Just Hangin Out

Kelly's Learning the Ropes Early

So, we decided it was time for Kelly to take over Rachel's position in the Office. She picked it up right away! She was answering phones, signing contracts, and hanging up on the rude and angry people (she even hung up one of Rachel's calls on a tenant's very upset mother...literally). So at the speed she is learning, Rachel won't have to work anymore by the end of the month! The last picture is Kelly wondering what to do next since she just hung up on another angry parent!

Lindsey and Kelly's Night Out

Kelly was sooo excited for this one night. We told her she was going out with Aunt Lindsey. So, we got her all dressed up and put her diapers and things in her backpack. She couldn't wait for Lindsey to get to the house! With her hair done, jacket on and her backpack on, she looked like she was off on her first day of school! She went crazy when she heard Lindsey pull up outside. She also started crying the second Lindsey hopped back in her car to move so Rachel and I could back our car out because she thought Lindsey was leaving without her! It was pretty funny. They had quite the evening together.
Kelly does love her Aunt Lindsey!

Snippets of Christmas 2008

Parker is growing fast. He is already over 15 lbs. He is his daddy's boy. He is in the 96% for height. He loves to snuggle and is very smiley when he has had a nap and been fed. He loves to talk as well. Parker loves laying flat on the ground and watching everything around him.

It has been interesting getting use to two kids. I feel like a bad parent when both kids cry at the same time and can't help both at once. Usually Kelly can be distracted from crying by having her help take care of Parker. Overall it has been so much fun to take more time to just enjoy the kids and watch them interact with each other.

Kelly and Parker Spending Time Together

Kelly loves being a big sister. She is in 7th heaven if she can
help take care of him. She comforts him when he cries and
never fails to let us know when he burps or has gas. If Daddy
is holding Parker she wants to be held to. She has figured out
though that Parker weighs a lot so she doesn't pick him up
without help.

Kelly Having Fun

Kelly was trying to do somersaults into the boppy. She found it quite entertaining to not go all the way over.