Saturday, May 1, 2010

So, I've posted 2 slideshows below. The lower slideshow is just some fun pictures of us hanging out at home, having some good ol' times. The upper show is from our trip home to Montana. The weather was all kinds of unpredictable while we were we made the best of it every day! Kelly and Parker absolutely loved the room to run around, and Kelly couldn't get enough of her cousins while we were there! They got along quite well! Really, the pictures tell it all from our trip! As far as updates on us, Rachel is still tired from being pregnant...YES: SHE's PREGNANT! We're due in shocker there. We're 3 for 3 in October so far! She has recently felt the baby move here this past week, and we're both really excited about it! We've had another little baby over a couple times this week and it just makes us more excited for this one to join our family in October (again, that's obviously our favorite month). And, NO, we will NOT be finding out the gender in our ultrasounds. It's more fun that way! Other than that, we're just trying to figure out who we should live with here in about a month once we move out of here. So, if any of you have spare closets or storage areas, we'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to make it our home for a while! Just kidding...I have put in my "3 weeks" notice at the apartments and am now trying to figure out what's next for us. Rachel and I have been discussing a lot of options...and that does include moving out of the state if we have to. If that happened, it would probably be just after the baby is born. Crazy! But, in the end, where ever the Lord tells us to go is where we will end up! We hope all of you are doing well! Enjoy the pictures!

Trip to Montana

Just having Fun