Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scroll Down - We Posted a Few

So, finally posting's been a long time and we're sorry for that. =) We've just been lazy about it and haven't done it. SO, scroll down and you can see what we've been up to!
We Finally Posted again! The slideshows are of December and January...we've been busy yet having fun! Kelly and Hanna play together every Monday and Wednesday and have lost of fun doing that, as is seen by the costumes and hiding inside the entertainment center! Parker is developing his personality more and more every day...his faces are changing just as fast as his personality! He loves to talk, I mean, yell all day long. Pretty much everything he says is at the loudest level he can produce. By the end of the day, it can be a lot to take, but he is absolutely adorable right now. He's learning new words every single day and loves to copy Kelly in everything she does. And Kelly pretty much copies everything daddy we have a nice little train going of copycats in the family right now. =)

So, beyond that, nothing really new is happening right now. We're beginning to house shop more seriously. We have to be out of here by around August or so. With that, we're trying to balance me working at the apartments, for my broker and for myself. Starting my own company is taking a lot of work (and money) but job opportunities are popping quite quickly for us...I say us because Kevin and I are working together in the company. Rachel has been very supportive because I've been working extra days and long hours to get things going. We're also waiting right now to find out if we get this government contract we applied for months ago. We're supposed to know by the end of March...BUT, it's the government, which means we may not really find out still for a while.

Oh, I did get called into my bishopric...again. We got a new bishop this past Sunday. I was recalled to finish out my year-term as second counselor Our new bishop is really neat and Kelly likes him. She refers to his wife as "Bishop's Girl." It's pretty cute!

In the meantime, we're just sitting tight and having fun! We'll continue to post and hopefully post more often than we have been!

Home After Christmas

December 2009

From Early Last Year

Can't remember if we posted this picture or not but this is one of our favorites! Kelly was inbetween changing clothes or something and decided to take a little nude ride around the house on her bike!