Saturday, September 27, 2008

Proud Peach Picker

Picking Peaches

Our bishop called us up on Friday this week and told us a friend of his owned an orchard of all kinds of fruit and had just finished harvesting his peaches for the year. He offered our bishop the opportunity to invite anyone and everyone he knew to come and pick as many peaches as they wanted. The orchard is about 450 there were a lot of peaches to pick!!! We went out Friday evening and again on Saturday afternoon and picked 72 gallons of peaches!!!!! Kelly absolutely loved it and probably picked some 18 gallons just by herself! Of course, she ate some during the process and hasn't wanted to do anything else since Friday other than pick peaches! She was an incredible help! It was soo much fun! Her favorite things to say were: "We're pickin peaches!" (if a peach fell on the ground, she would say-->) "It's yucky now. Pick new one!" "It's a little one, daddy!" "Pick big one!" So, if you want some peaches, you know where to find them!

Kelly's Real First Injury

So not too long ago, we were on "skyping" with my mom and dad when Kelly starting crying off and on and kept holding her hand out and saying she had an "owie." After taking a closer look at it, we noticed that her thumb was really swollen on her right hand. My mom looked at it via our webcam and we decided that it felt and looked like she had dislocated her thumb! We couldn't believe it! So, right before she was to go to bed, we instead headed for the hospital to get it checked out. In the meantime, while driving and then playing in the doctor's office while we waited on the doctor, her thumb naturally slid back into place. We took some xrays and had the doctor look at it, but in the end, all we could do was let it heal up on its own. Luckily, actually, it slid in place on its own. It would not have been fun to have to put it back into place! So, thank goodness for that! Anyway, here's a picture of her thumb not too long after we got back from the hospital...lots of swelling and coloration...and Kelly was an incredible trooper through it all!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Pictures for Fun

Here you've got Granny and Kelly waiting together to go up the ski lift on a full moon-lit night. Also, Lindsey and Kelly are playing in Kelly's new tent, which she loves! The other pictures are of Kelly with her great Grandparents on Rachel's side of the family and Rachel and Kelly laying on the lawn at Temple Square looking up into the trees together.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trip to the Temple

We took Kelly to Temple Square, which she really liked. She loved all the flowers and kept calling the temple "Jesus' house." She then proceeded to call everything she saw that evening "Jesus' water," "Jesus' flowers," "Jesus' tree" and on and on. It was pretty cute. Her favorite thing to do, though, was to walk on the short walls that formed up the flower beds. She would walk around all the flower beds and then bend down to smell them. She loves flowers! It was pretty cute!

Fun with the Family over the Summer

So my Mom came to town for about a month and we had the chance to spend lots of time together as a family. We picniced at Grandma's house, watched the 24th of July parade, went to the zoo, played in the mountains, rode a ski lift in the middle of the night, and all kinds of other fun. Of course, it all had to wind down eventually so that Rachel and I could get back to work and now school. So anyway, it's back to the good-old days as we not only are counting down to baby #2 but by my April graduation!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to School

Well, I've started school up again and I'm FINALLY a senior! We're looking forward to graduation and especially baby #2 here in just over a month. I know we're not exactly regular bloggers but we're trying. Just be patient with us and we'll eventually post something! This was taken at the zoo while mom was in town visiting. It was quite a challenge to get Kelly to smile for any picture that you wanted her to smile in unless you were tickling her or playing with her.