Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Kelly Sayings

  1. So, on our travels to visit Aunt Barb, we stopped at a truck/rest stop to take a break and get some ice cream. Kelly was wearing her "squeaky" shoes on the trip and walked in holding Rachel's hand. On our way to the bathroom, a couple of guys walked past us that seemed like bikers and, after hearing Kelly's shoes, said, "I dig her kicks." Kelly's response was priceless...she looked at Rachel and said, "Mama, he digs my kicks!" Then turning to me, she said, "Dada, he digs me!"
  2. Tonight, while wrestling and playing with Aunt Lindsey, Lindsey began pretending to eat Kelly's stomach. Kelly proceeded to stop Lindsey and said, "Don't eat my tummy. There's food in there!"

New Quilt

So, we went out shopping for some new bedding for us and Rachel found this quilt (thanks to Lindsey) that she really liked. SO, last Saturday we went shopping. Upon arriving at the quilt shop where the quilt was, we took a few minutes looking at different combinations of the 2 quilts we were going to purchase. Of course, this purchase required months of saving and wasn't just a spur of the moment purchase. Kelly, of course, was quickly entertained with everything in the store and apparently intrigued the employees there, too. It was raining so there weren't very many people out shopping that day. One of the employees took Kelly around the store (after asking us) to show her different quilts for girls. Upon returning to where we were, Kelly noticed a few employees folding and putting ribbons on some place settings and other store materials. She promptly ran over and hopped up on the bed and started helping them. One employee commented that Kelly was working for our employee discount and as I went to the register to purchase the quilts, the lady checking us out said she was going to give us the employee discount! I coudln't believe it! She told me that we had a cute family and that she was giving us the discount because she could and she wanted to! So, thanks to Kelly, we saved $65 off the quilts we purchased! Isn't that great? Thanks to Kelly we saved money. She and the store employees are now best friends, too (that's what Kelly told me when it was time to leave...she ran to the one employee she had spent time walking around with and gave her a number of hugs before we left and said she was now her best friend!).