Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nice Weather Setting In

So the nicer weather has started to set in (even though it actually snowed today and a little yesterday). With Rachel's work schedule, I get to spend more time with Kelly during the day. That means, we get to go to the park more! Of course, we never leave Rachel out if she can come. And, as you can tell by the pictures, we always have a fun time!

One Spoiled Child

Just thought I'd post another picture of Kelly having breakfast in bed...again!

Most Recent Adventure

With me in school, working, and in the bishopric, we don't get out too often. So, when dad came into town we all went up to visit Kim and Nick over a weekend. We decided to go sledding with everyone, and Kelly loved it! She kept asking to go again and again. So, after carrying her up the hill over and over again, we decided to send her down herself. No, we didn't climb to the top and let her go by herself, but she did go down about half the hill multiple times alone. And of course, she loved it! She actually went pretty fast! She laughed every time she went down. This is Kelly below.

Starting Young

Thanks to Uncle Zach, we thought we'd get Kelly snowboarding early in life. The sooner she learns, the better!


For those of who you have no idea what the above names refer to, SKANSKA is on the world's largest construction companies. They're based out of Sweden and are currently the number 1 builder of health care facilities in the U.S. ASHRAE is a national association for HVAC engineers. I recently received scholarships from both. SKANSKA hosted a national research competition in which my team took top honors (that's the picture of the judges and the BYU teams that participated). ASHRAE's Utah chapter opened up a scholarship to students in the area, and I was fortunate enough to receive one of the 3 that were offered. SO, a little hard work has paid off this year for us! Rachel, of course, is the one sacrificing the most in all this since she gives up time with me to let me do these things. She's really the one who has earned the honors!