Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Other Pics just for Fun

Pictures of our Nebraska Visit

Recent Visit to Nebraska

We just recently got back from a short visit to Nebraska where we visited with Grandma Andersen and Aunt Barb. It was a little colder than we anticipated but we had a good time relaxing. Kelly had a blast walking Aunt Barb's dogs and taking rides in Grandma's wheelchair. Kelly was also determined to have Grandma play soccer with her. Dad went with us and hasn't come back yet (he's still sleeping on our living room floor...hasn't gone home since Christmas break yet). Our favorite part of the trip were the things that were coming out of Kelly's mouth while we visited. We went to dinner with Aunt Barb our first night and the waitress asked Kelly how her water was. Kelly promptly answered, "My water's boring." In response, the waitress promptly brought Kelly a lemon to put in her water to hopefully make it a little more exciting. The other greatest thing out of her mouth was during our visit to Little America on the road out to Nebraska. We had stopped for a rest, some playtime for Kelly and some ice cream. Kelly was wearing her shoes that squeek every time she takes a step (thanks Granny!) and walked past these 2 biker-looking guys. As we passed them, one of them looked at Kelly and said, "I dig your kicks." Kelly was holding Rachel's hand and looked up at her and said, "Mama, he digs my kicks. He's diggin me!" It was so funny! I couldn't stop laughing at it! The things kids say!
We had a really good time during our visit. Grandma did okay on our first visit on Friday but didn't do so well on our Saturday visit. She got really scared for us after we left so much so that Dad had to call me just so she could here me say to her that we were fine. We caught glimpses of the old Grandma Andersen through her interactions with Kelly. She really enjoyed having her around (as did many of the other elderly folks there...we couldn't leave without Kelly getting and giving a number of hugs and saying goodbye to everyone in sight!).
We're back in town now and counting down until graduation (April 23-24). Rachel is probably more excited than I am since she's waited nearly 4 years for me to get done. Still not sure what job I'll be taking but I should know here in another week or so. I'll let everyone know once I do! In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of our trip!