Friday, July 6, 2012

Breaking News! (And Pictures!!!!!)

The breaking news for the day is.....Kelly has a loose tooth!  She is pretty excited. I'm going to schedule family pictures so that before she goes crazy on wiggling it we have our pictures done.  Can't believe she is  old enough to loose teeth.

Also, Riley is starting solid foods and starting to crawl.  He is getting so big so fast.  He is still a very smiley baby and all the kids love him.  Parker has taken to trying to wrestle him.  We have to watch Parker very close with him.

Sarah is doing great, no problems from the dislocated elbow.  You would never know she hurt it.  Thanks Uncle Clarence for diagnosing it over the phone and helping Daddy fix it.  Thank heaven for all the family in the medical field.

As for Parker, he's Parker and in the full swing of being a boy.  He's really perfecting being a boy.  He loves to tease his sisters and at the same time can be so sweet and help hug them and make them quit crying.

So needless to say there is never a dull moment in our house.  We love our kids! They are the greatest thing we have ever done.

P.S. If you are needing to get dog urine smell out of your carpet try carbonated water (seltzer water). Saturate your carpet, scrub and soak up.  Working great so far for us. 

 I finally figured some of the picture stuff out so hopefully I can start adding more regularly now.  Sorry, some of these pictures are older but I figured better late than never. Hope you enjoy.