Friday, August 5, 2011

Moving Trip

We thought we'd make a vacation out of our trip moving across the country. So here it is in pictures!

We're Back...finally!

Well, we've moved to the deep south because I've taken a job as a facility manager with the Church. So, after a good year and a half of running my own remodel company (and many, many, many job applications) we have picked up and left the mountainous west for the flat but very green south. The kids are adjusting well...Parker has probably taken it the hardest because he is tired all the time. Kelly has made a bunch of friends but still asks to go back to see the family and our "old house," by which she means she doesn't even want to go back to our apartment but back to our original house where she first remembers living. Sarah has been a little sick but adjusting ok thus far. Rachel hates the humidity but loves the southern hospitality. So far, I love the job albeit it has been a challenge to move here and get things going. Anyway, here are some pictures right before we got the job and moved. We know it kind of came (or is coming as) a surprise to many of you that we've moved but we had to act quickly when the opportunity came about! So enjoy!